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Our partners are dedicated to making your brand shine.

Ligature is a partnership born first and foremost out of a love for design.

As practicing designers in the fields of brand identity, print and digital, our partners work directly and collaboratively with clients to develop branding systems, bring ideas to life and create dynamic, effective identities.

We passionately believe that every project is a kind of partnership — at the heart of all our work is a shared excitement towards achieving your individual goals and objectives.

Our mission is to be the connection between your big idea and the world. We strive to empower meaningful messages through the intersection of world-class identity design and cutting-edge brand strategy.

Let’s get started and build something great together.

Jasper Miller-Davis Managing Partner & Creative Director

Jasper Miller-Davis is a multi-disciplinary designer with a passion for working with change-driven brands. Since graduating from Southbank Institute of Technology with a Diploma in Graphic Design, Jasper has built up a wealth of experience across the creative industry, exploring multiple facets of design, strategy and marketing.

As Creative Director at Ligature Design, Jasper is responsible for bringing together creative forces to build cohesive design strategies and create engaging brand experiences. A strong passion for strategy-led design has been a theme across Jasper’s career, influencing his work both when leading in-house design teams and while working amongst the collaborative environment of an agency. In his design work, he loves working with type, and is guided by the principles of keeping it simple, doing it differently, and making it timeless.

Alongside guiding the creative output of Ligature Design, Jasper is also responsible for the daily operations of the business and serves as Managing Partner. He also leads the development of Digital, Web and UX projects. Outside of the agency, Jasper spends his time exploring other creative avenues—writing and performing music and capturing landscape photography. He also loves adventure sports and will take any opportunity to get outside and explore the great outdoors.

Joshua Page Partner & Design Director

Joshua Page started studying design on his computer at the back of grade 10 english class. Poor Mrs Woods. With a particularly keen eye for the smallest of details and a love for iconography and vector illustrations, Josh taught himself the discipline for a number of years before cementing his education at the Southbank Institute of Technology, earning a Diploma of Graphic Design.

Josh strives to connect the workplaces by building rapport with colleagues and clients, firmly believing that good communication and collaboration in the workplace is the most important aspect of business.

A strong love of music and anything mechanical has led to a habit of collecting records and intricate mechanical watches. Dogs also take up a lot of space in his heart, as well as birds and reptiles. And frogs. And fish. Molluscs. Pretty much all animals really.

Connor Hinchliffe Partner & Multimedia Director

Connor Hinchliffe graduated from the Queensland College of Art at Griffith University with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Visual and Graphic Communication. His wide range of design skills span the disciplines—with specialities in Brand Identity, Animation, Publications and Packaging. A strong passion for design and exploring out-of-the-box creative solutions (with a healthy dose of fun sprinkled in) has led Connor to his position as our Multimedia Director here at Ligature Design.

Full of self-drive and always being motivated by a challenge, Connor finds fulfilment in helping others breathe life into their creative ideas through the collaborative design process. He has a particular interest in any design work that can shift into the realm of motion and the physical world. When creating these experiences, his attention to detail brings an extra element of magic that creates truly unique and captivating results.

When he’s not designing, Connor loves just about anything with wheels—cars, motorcycles and beyond. He also enjoys good coffee and great music. Fun fact: He’s also the owner of our studio mascot, Angus.