424 Media

Bringing moments to life

In Brief

424 Media is a start up partnership between a photographer and videographer, who capture events and weddings and create lasting memories for their clients. We worked with 424 Media to create a refreshing new identity, to reinforce their own ideals as a sharp, modern and professional creative service. This allows their partnership to gain a stronger foothold in the industry by giving them an outward appearance that matches the quality of their work.

The Concept

At the core of 424 Media’s brand is the cherry blossom, brought by the client as both an important part of their brand heritage and to reflect their goals as a studio: to create vibrant and elegant media. The symbolism of the flower is carried throughout the brand, from the vibrant pink pastels of the colour palette through to the sharp, bold typography.

In Summary

The flexible nature of the 424 brand allows for easy in-situ implementation across both mediums—photography and videography; and can be used effectively as a watermark, deferring elegantly to the client’s content. One of the key design goals for the project was to create a logo and identity that doesn’t vanish amongst the noise of a crowded market. With a large portion of event photographers and videographers sharing a similar design aesthetic, it was important to the client that we create an identity which escapes this sense of monotony. The result is a brand that stands out from the crowd and supports our client’s great creative work.